About Hello Gorgeous!

What Is Hello Gorgeous?

Hello  Gorgeous! is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization that provides  complimentary, professional makeovers and cosmetic education to women  battling all cancers. We create a Red-Carpet Experience for these women  beginning with a nomination by family and friends that, if chosen,  includes surprising her with flowers, chocolates and a big “Hello  Gorgeous!” She is pampered with spa services such as manicure, pedicure  and facial, as well as instruction in new makeup application and hair  care (or hair substitution) methods advantageous to her individual  issues, helping many times to:

  • Appear much less affected by her treatments
  • Strengthen her confidence
  • Empower her to feel more acceptable to the public eye
  • And, more importantly, more acceptable to herself

What Happens?

Before departing, we make certain the Gorgeous Woman understands how to reproduce her new look on her own. She is given a supply of the cosmetics, skincare and nail products used to complete her services that day. And all this is done for the Gorgeous Woman at no cost. She pays for nothing.

In order to help more women battling cancer in  Michiana and other communities, we have begun the Salon Affiliate  program, enlisting existing spa salons in different cities to be  certified and perform (12) Gorgeous Visits in a 12-month period in their  salon. 

Our goal is to certify 2 salons in each city of the United  States in order to help 500,000 women each year.

In Closing....

Hello Gorgeous! is supported by public donation and by its fundraising  efforts. 

Please visit our “Make A Difference” page to see how you can  help us to continue bringing these service to those wives, mothers,  sisters and daughters battling cancer.

God Bless. 

Visit the Hello Gorgeous site today, to nominate someone you love.

Immediate Release

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